In 2019 we made the decision to embark on a journey that was both risky and took us off the beaten track. We have watched, with bated breathe, as our vision came to life and are humbled and immensely proud of what our team has achieved thus far.

Eradine, the Inclusive Luxury Fashion brand commenced its international launch in August 2019.

A foundation dedicated to the education and empowerment of women will launch in 2020. 
We've created a fashion brand with purpose - a brand that will challenge the industry to recalibrate the perception of body norm and to show the next generation of women that being absolutely stunning does not need to equate to an unhealthy body or mind.
The Eradine Muses are all within a size range of UK14 - 18 and are strong and powerful ladies who have overcome the ‘weight stigma’. We feel privileged that they have agreed to a part of this journey and to become the face of our brand.
We hope you enjoy what we are striving toward, and offer your support the brand and that you join us in this amazing movement.
The time for change has come - help make Eradine a fashion Titan and we’ll help change the face of fashion.  
The Eradine Team

We are always open to hearing from top talent who would like to play a part in Eradine's success. 
Current vacancies can be viewed on our Indeed recruitment portal