About Us

At Eradine, we design and produce luxury fashion for women to harness their inner goddess, with our timeless collections.
Each luxurious piece from our ready to wear collections is crafted with hyper attention to detail, to balance aesthetics and comfort, using ethically sourced materials of unsurpassed quality, from all corners of the globe.
Eradine customers are further afforded the opportunity to benefit from our bespoke service, tailoring signature pieces for their exclusive wardrobe.
Every Eradine customer is celebrated with the resounding pride that their purchase is contributing to empowering women less fortunate than themselves and to wildlife conservation around the world.
Our ethos is centred on inclusivity, quality and conscience.
Our inclusivity efforts manifest themselves through the use of design concepts, that compliment a variety of body types. 

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality to our customers, backed by unparalleled after sales support. We achieve this through thought leadership towards fashion best practices, resulting in an optimised value chain with negligible waste and maximum customer satisfaction.

For further information on the brand email us on:
General enquiries:      hello@eradine.com
After Sales Support:   orders@eradine.com
Press enquiries:         marketing@eradine.com 
Bespoke services:      bespoke@eradine.com
Wholesale enquiries:  wholesale@eradine.com