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Essentials Silk Gift Set

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  • Navy Silk Satin Face Mask - select Gift Box during checkout.
  • Black Silk Satin Face Mask
  • Black Silk Velvet Scrunchie
  • Garnet Velvet Silk Velvet Oversize Hair Scrunchie
  • Oversized Midnight Blue Silk Velvet Hair Scrunchie
  • Rose Velvet Silk Oversize Hair Scrunchie
  • White velvet silk scrunchie with limited edition gift box

The perfect gift combination - our essential silk face mask and oversized silk velvet scrunchie. The price includes our signature Eradine small gift box. 

Eradine’s Essential Silk Facemasks provide protection for yourself and others whilst being gentle to your skin. Crafted using luxurious silk, the masks have a soft, gentle touch on the face whilst communicating an essence of sophistication. Made in a single bold colour so you can wear with any outfit. The silk ensures the mask is soft of the face and gentle on the skin to minimise the risk of breakouts. 

Our 2 layer printed masks are produced with two layers of silk satin. 

Our scrunchies combine our favourite two fabrics; velvet and silk, to create the ultimate hair accessory which is gentle and soft on the hair. The use of velvet silk makes this product easy to use and prevents damage to the hair. 

Size: One-size

Fabric Mask:  100% Silk Satin 

Fabric Scrunchie:  100% Silk Velvet