Eradine Affiliate Programme

Introducing the Eradine Affiliate Programme, launched in November 2020, our well devised scheme is designed for aspiring business owners who have a passion for luxury, great quality and most importantly, selling!  
If you are a small business owner struggling to make sales due to the pandemic or simply find yourself having some spare time during lockdown then this may be the programme for you. Through Eradine’s Affiliate scheme you will learn core selling skills, how to establish key relationships with your own customers all whilst making money on a commission basis.  
This unique offer is a way to connect with your customers and seek new clients virtually ensuring you stay safe and make money simultaneously.  
Whilst you develop your own business you won’t stand alone. Our highly experienced Eradine Support Team will be there to offer some helpful tips and guidance throughout your journey on how to expand your network as well as share useful selling techniques.  
What is available to sell? Here at Eradine, we have a great portfolio of product categories meaning you can choose to sell the items which best reflect your clients and your business needs. From our highly successful ready-to-wear items, as well as our recently launched accessories ranges including luxurious silk face masks and silk velvet scrunchies.  
Our programme has a newly launched online portal where Eradine affiliates can track their progress, monitor their sales as well as find their personalised referral code or link, allowing your customers to shop directly with you.  
What are you waiting for? The Eradine Affiliate Programme is a perfect way to kick-start your own business selling high-quality luxury clothing and accessories all whilst earning commission through sales. Register your interest below!