Hand-made in Northern Ireland by our highly talented team of artisans, Eradine’s luxurious silk mask & scrunchie sets.

We chose the most luxurious silk for its soft and gentle touch on the skin and hair. Using this delicate material in our face mask makes them more breathable compared to the cotton alternative and is also kinder to the skin. 

The hypoallergenic material reduced the likelihood of irritation and breakouts caused by non-silk facemasks. Silk is also the perfect fabric to use all year round as it helps the body to retain and expel heat enabling you to maintain your normal temperature. 

Our 100% hand-made silk face mask collection will allow you to feel an essence of luxury whilst being kind to your skin. 

For our hair accessories, they will be gentle on the hair and easier to tie due to the softness of the silk. 

Our gift sets offer you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself, a loved one, a colleague. The perfect present to say thank you, happy holidays or simply thinking of you... arriving in our stunning Eradine Ribbon or Eradine Purple gift box.