Dryad Evening Dress

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Dryads, nymphs of unparalleled beauty and guardians of the majestic oak, are our inspiration for this distinctive design. 

Slightly shorter at the front, smoothing round to an elegant long train at the back. This one piece dress is perfectly designed to suit an evening out or something more glamorous while in resort. The belt gently pulls the waist in to create a stunning waterfall effect. Best worn with a short slip as the train creates a stunning open effect at the back as you flow... 

Fabric:  Luxurious 100% Crepe Silk

Care:    Dry Clean only 

One Size fits: UK 6 to 26 / US 2 to 22 / Europe 32 to 52

Custom Orders:  Can be easily tailored, produced in a different silk or a selection of colours. Contact us for further details.